• Vodacom

    In-Toto Solutions successfully designed and installed a 542.4kWp Grid-Tied Solar System for Vodacom Century City in Cape Town.

  • Winterveld

    Winterveld was identified as a pilot site for the project of 50 off-grid solar solutions. 50 houses belonging to the elderly were selected as beneficiaries in consoltation with the community.

  • Diyatalawa

    A total of 50 houses, a creche and a primary school were fitted with solar solution for basic lighting services.




Solar Power


Market-leading German solar panels.
25 year linear performance guarantee.
Grid connected or off-grid (battery storage).

Solar water heating

Most effective at reducing residential consumption.

Saves between 25% and 35% of residential electricity usage.

Virtually maintenance free.

Solar Pumping

In-Toto Solutions has a range of surface booster and submersible pumps (borehole).

Applications include domestic, municipal and agricultural.

The pumps are able to facilitate services such as water pressurising, drinking water supply, livestock watering, filtration, irrigation and pond management as well.

In-Toto Solutions has a complete working solar swimming pool pump which can be viewed at out premises in Johannesburg.

Wind Power

In-Toto Solutions is able to supply and install power units ranging from 300W to 2kW making use of battery storage systems.

Wind turbines can be utilized alongside other technologies such as solar to create a hybrid system, using the ration 80/20 wind turbine.

Long expected product life of 15 - 20 years.

Can be implemented as individual units depending on the geographical location.

Off-Grid Housing

In-Toto Solutions is geared towards larger projects and has developed specific solutions for off-grid housing.

In-Toto Solutions has constructed an off-grid house showcasing the application of these technologies at our offices in Johannesburg.

Systems based on expected load resulting from desired appliances have been developed to be sold in a simple kit form, allowing for easy selection and installation on a large scale.

These kits seek to address the energy challenges faced by Government in providing affordable housing. The systems limit the need for additional energy by the application of numerous technologies run off-grid.

Kit A:

Housing unit with supply point for each of the following:
- 4 lights

- 1 Mobile phone charger

Kit B:

Housing unit with supply point for each of the following:

- 4 lights

- Mobile phone charger

- 1 plug point (TV or radio)

Provision for cooking has been made through a gas solution.

We can also make a customized kit as per project requirements or load functions.

Hybrid Systems

By combining various technologies into a single system, In-Toto Solutions is able to design and construct hybrid power generation plants which offer more sustained production by capitalizing on multiple sources.

Hybrid power generation plants are custom-designed to meet the required output whilst maximising potential from available sources.

Hybrid solutions coupled with storage systems can be grid-tied to ensure optimal charging of storage systems and provision of energy during peak load times.

"Greening" of buildings

In-Toto Solutions offers consultation services to determine the energy efficiency of buildings and how to improve upon this.

Turnkey service offerings from assessment through design, installation and commissioning.

Offers a range of technologies which either reduce electricity consumption on the demand side or produce electricity through renewable sources.

- Energy efficient lighting through LED technology.

- Daylight harvesting.

- HVAC energy efficient.

- Power factor correction.

Ability to partner in the construction of new projects and retrofit to existing structures.

Holistic approach tailored to the needs of the client, be it to reduce dependency on the national grid, provide back up systems, save the client money or to remove the entire structure from the national grid.

Containerised Solutions

We offer solar powered containers, customised in terms of your requirements.

These containers can be used as accommodation and support facilities for construction, and permanent remote camps (houses, schools, clinics etc.).