• Vodacom

    In-Toto Solutions successfully designed and installed a 542.4kWp Grid-Tied Solar System for Vodacom Century City in Cape Town.

  • Winterveld

    Winterveld was identified as a pilot site for the project of 50 off-grid solar solutions. 50 houses belonging to the elderly were selected as beneficiaries in consoltation with the community.

  • Diyatalawa

    A total of 50 houses, a creche and a primary school were fitted with solar solution for basic lighting services.

What we do

In-Toto Solutions is able to provide renewable energy solutions through three major technologies employing solar energy, wind and biomass. Many of these can be retro-fitted for existing buildings or incorporated into the plans of new structures. In-Toto is geared towards large projects such as RDP housing, schools and clinics, off-grid street lights for rural areas and off-grid containerised solutions.

Why go green?

Increasing pressure on natural resources for fuelling energy requirements, coupled with the increasing costs of traditional energy has resulted in the development of
numerous new technologies aimed at reducing dependence on traditional sources.

In addition to the positive environment impact, green energy is more affordable than ever before and represents the potential for savings in the future as traditional energy costs rise.

Green energy resouces are abundant and are therefore virtually limitless. A once-off investment in green energy will reap results and pay for itself over and over for many years to come.