• Vodacom

    In-Toto Solutions successfully designed and installed a 542.4kWp Grid-Tied Solar System for Vodacom Century City in Cape Town.

  • Winterveld

    Winterveld was identified as a pilot site for the project of 50 off-grid solar solutions. 50 houses belonging to the elderly were selected as beneficiaries in consoltation with the community.

  • Diyatalawa

    A total of 50 houses, a creche and a primary school were fitted with solar solution for basic lighting services.

About us

As an Energy Service Company (ESCO), In-Toto Solutions develops highly innovative and comprehensive energy saving solutions to optimize energy consumption and thereby reducing energy costs. This endeavour to reduce energy demand or consumption is in line with the international and domestic governance trends. We are a BEE level 1 contributor and CIDB 6 EP, ISO 9001 accredited company.

Our latest achievement was the installation and construction of a 550kW system on the rooftop of the Vodacom Head Office in Century City, Cape Town. This installation is the largest rooftop solar array in Africa.


In-toto Solutions partners with Megatron Federal, a division of Ellies (Pty) Ltd for full electrical infrastructure projects including:

Manufacture and international sourcing of:




Diesel generators


In-toto Solutions has developed strategic partnerships with key industry leaders in manufacturing, and is therefore able to share their expertise with clients, while negotating very competitive prices.